Only Marina offers the real  Piadina from Romagna, with the true spirit and the genuine products of Romagna. In our places you will find a young, informal and jolly  atmosphere, perfect to spend time together.


Piadineria Marina is grounded in Romagna, the region that means, in Italy and all over the world, quality and absolute excellence in the culinary field.

The main aim of Piadineria Marina is offer to its affiliated a new and strong brand that allow them to grow.

We would like to give to our guests  a unique culinary experience, with high quality products at affordable prices, supporting the members and giving the best service for the guests.

Piadineria present itself as a brand leader in Italy and abroad!


Since several years we are leader in the field of training and hundreds of people opened many Piadinerie, in Italy and abroad, after following our training courses.

The great success gained with the training of the participants to our courses in Italy and abroad, and the continuous  new applications to make new ‘turnkey’ places, led us to expand our offer, including training, planning of the places, furniture, together with first-class products at fair prices, in order to get a Successful Concept!

Piadineria Marina allow you to start a successful business with a steady work-shadowing, before, during and after the opening of your new Piadineria, never leaving you alone.

With our simple formula (no-chef), even who hasn’t any experience in the field of food service can realize a successful business.

We also provide an extremely easy and intuitive management software ‘extranet’, for the administration of the warehouse and accounting.

Your new business will rely on constant advertising in the main search engines, social networks and specialized magazines.